About Us

Independence Matters

QBOX does not create or recommend in-house, proprietary, or competing investment models. We embrace a true open architecture strategy. This supports our effort to research, recommend, and select investments that may be best suited to each client's needs.

Relationships Matter

We work closely with independent RIAs and their firms, broker dealers, institutional money managers, recordkeepers, third party administration .firms, and custodians. The goal is to provide a superior service experience by fostering great communication and processes between the teams that service the plan.

Our Story

It's funny that there always seems to be a silver lining and how life's lemons can be turned into lemonade. In our case the lemonade took a few years to make. But we can honestly say our qualified plan fiduciary services started with a scandal. The Mutual Fund Scandals we all went through in early 2000's. Like many firms in the qualified plan business we used products that were captive to the mutual fund companies. The products were cost effective and worked well for the small business plan.

We can still recall that sickening feeling when we were informed that several of the companies we used were accused and later convicted of defrauding investors. We immediately sought out an open architecture investment platform for our clients. A platform that would allow us to change with the industry and not be tied to a single service provider or investment strategy.

The Silver Lining is that it's a platform that allows us to assist our clients to meet their fiduciary obligations thus creating a successful retirement outcome for plan participants.

Along the way we obtained our Accredited Investment Fiduciary designation (AIF® ). The principles learned are the cornerstones of our practice and processes. Organize, Formalize, Implement and Monitor - the necessary components of a Sound Fiduciary Process.